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Leading well requires more than raw talent or industry experience—every senior executive possesses these skills. As executives move through their careers a wider variety of skills are necessary for success.

Communication, persuasion, executive presence and emotional intelligence are core. As one becomes more senior in any organization there are fewer individuals in which the leader can confide. Executive coaching provides self-awareness, leadership skills and objective, confidential advice to senior leaders and high potential employees. 

Beyond the individual, one of the most effective and efficient methods to develop leadership capacity of an organization is through executive coaching. When the leadership of an organization shifts, the behavior of its people change, and improved business results follow naturally. Developing capacity requires change and a focus on key areas of behavior, values, and beliefs. 

Our holistic approach includes a comprehensive view, simultaneously increasing personal performance, team performance and creating a strong corporate culture. 

Executive coaching packages  are customized to meet the specific needs of each client and organization. Typical engagements range from 3-12 months. The coaching process, scope, and frequency is contingent upon our client’s specific objectives, developmental areas and organizational goals. Coaching services can be tailored for individuals or for groups and include custom design, a thorough assessment process and deep and sustainable performance improvement through one-on-one sessions. 

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